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What is the Ecommerce SEO? Comprehensive Guide

The world of eCommerce is the new star of the neo-liberal market discipline! It is now possible to serve your customers in seven and twenty-four ways, without physical stores, thousands of staff, rental expenses, or other traditional requirements. Moreover, to do this, a strong infrastructure and the right digital marketing strategies are enough. So, where exactly is eCommerce SEO in this business?

As the Seorative SEO Agency team, we are sure that we know this business very well, after thousands of brands that we have brought to the top in our eCommerce SEO work. This is exactly why we have prepared a very comprehensive guide for you. If you’re ready, let’s start!

What is ECommerce SEO?

eCommerce SEO is all of the optimization studies carried out in order to rank e-commerce sites, which are very popular in 2021 and whose sales volume is increasing day by day, in search engine results in related queries. When these studies are carried out within the framework of the right eCommerce SEO services, they help you achieve data-driven, proactively updated sales optimization rates that are competitive in the long run.

eCommerce SEO is basically performed by paying attention to two points:

  • What exactly do search engines expect from websites that sell through their infrastructure,
  • What potential customers need to perform their purchasing behavior

All of these make up the two most fundamental concepts of SEO: accessibility and user experience.

Why is Ecommerce SEO Important?

In the web world, there are millions of brands who address the whole country or the whole world by transferring their sales to the digital world. So, why would a user choose you when there are much more popular websites that stand out?

Here is the answer: eCommerce SEO aims to get you in front of your target audience first in related searches, thus increasing the SEO visibility rates and ensuring that people gain familiarity with you. While this may not result in a conversation on the first click, but believe us, with high-functioning on-page optimizations, it will eventually lead to sales.

In short, eCommerce SEO;

  1. Defines your brand’s reputation in the digital world 
  2. Its visibility 
  3. And the frequency with which it communicates with its target audience. 

That’s why doing the right SEO work is very important for your eCommerce site.

How to do Ecommerce SEO?

We are planning to present to you how ECommerce SEO is done with an essential to-do list. This way you can easily discover where to start:

  1. Do a comprehensive keyword research (queries related to purchasing behavior, semantic keywords, long tail keywords and negative keywords should be included in this research)
  2. Include keywords in the description area of ​​each of your products, in your category fields, and more in the h1 tag sections
  3. Make sure to use keywords in URLs
  4. Increase your chances of being featured in the SERP by leveraging rich snippets
  5. Optimize pages on your site that display 404 or other warnings. For this, you can delete the page completely or use a redirect.
  6. Optimize your site’s page speed score. For this, check your scores in different metrics using Google Lighthouse or Google Dev Tools.
  7. Optimize product and category images in terms of image load, file type, and quality.
  8. Strengthen the experience of the user navigating your site by using breadcrumbs and similar structures.
  9. Provide extra security using HTTPs.

Of course, the above is only a small part of what needs to be done. By working with a professional enough eCommerce SEO agency, you can ensure that these and more are done in sync and with regular tracking.

On-Page SEO for eCommerce Sites

After a general eCommerce SEO audit for your site, a series of on-page optimizations can strengthen speed, experience, crawlability, and accessibility. Here they are:

  1. Create the necessary SEO-rich texts for each category page
  2. Optimize the H1s on your site
  3. Optimize meta descriptions and H1 title tags on each of your pages
  4. Optimize the URL structure of your pages
  5. Make sure that there is completely original text on the page opened for each product and that it is working in accordance with SEO

Technical SEO For Ecommerce Sites

Technical SEO for eCommerce works performed by Seorative with great professionalism can boost your website’s performance very quickly! So, what’s a quick to-do list for that? Here are the key actions:

  1. Create the site structure with a correct hierarchy
  2. Build the URL structure and make sure they refer to the hierarchical properties of the pages correctly
  3. Have a sitemap (can be XML or HTML)
  4. Make a Crawl budget account and add new pages / products to your site accordingly
  5. Canonical tags will be your savior!
  6. Beware of robot.txt files!
  7. Optimize all pages on your site that have duplicate content problems
  8. Make sure all 3xx, 4xx, 5xx Errors are fixed
  9. Solve rendering problems
  10. Strengthen page speed with necessary metrics

Ecommerce SEO Service Prices & SEO Plan For Your Ecommerce Site

Do you need an eCommerce SEO Service? Trust Seorative for your brand with dozens of members who are experts in their fields! While performing your SEO work for your eCommerce site, every detail is our job, from content marketing to link building, from online reputation management to technically strengthening your site!

If you want to have a powerful eCommerce site with maximizing sales and increasing online visibility, you are definitely in the right place! Fill in the free contact form below, we’ll call you and talk about what your business needs to grow even more and to enter the digital world.

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