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Mobile SEO, which is a concept encountered by everyone who wants to perform an optimization process for mobile searches, is the whole of the work done to make your website rank higher in the result pages of mobile searches. With the increase in the use of mobile devices and the frequency of mobile searches, the use of Mobile SEO has become inevitable.

With Mobile SEO becoming so popular, there are many questions in mind, what Mobile SEO is for you, why Mobile SEO is important, how to check if your website is mobile-friendly, what mobile content optimization is and how to do it. We talked about technical SEO for mobile, why you should choose us, and frequently asked questions about Mobile SEO.

As Seorative, in addition to this detailed information we offer you, we offer you a real mobile SEO service, and we aim to have a better ranking with this service. In addition to our support line, where you can contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we provide you with monthly reports and draw a detailed roadmap on the reports.

What is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO, which is aimed at improving the experience of internet users who try to log in to your website with mobile devices, and for these users to spend more time on the website, is optimizing a website for all mobile devices.

Despite the developments in the field of mobile devices, it can be seen that many website owners do not organize their websites appropriately for different sizes of screens and different speeds. If mobile optimization, which affects the structure, speed and design of the website, is not done, you may cause the people who log in to your website to leave your website suddenly and your statistics to drop.

Why is Mobile SEO Important?

Mobile SEO is of great importance for websites in that mobile searches are on the rise, mobile content affects Google search results, increases the sales rate of mobile searches and is directly effective with voice searches.

Mobile Search Is on the Rise

This increase in mobile traffic, whose importance is increasing day by day, is expected to increase exponentially, such that half of the active internet users in the world connect to the internet via mobile devices. According to a recent study, approximately one-third of website views are via mobile devices.

If you are selling any product or service on your website, according to a survey conducted in recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people researching on mobile devices for the product they will buy. Likewise, it is a well-known fact that people who conduct these researches buy products through their mobile devices.

Since searches made on mobile devices are now more popular, you need to try to rank higher in the result pages of mobile searches for your website to be popular. If you want to appear at the top of the mobile search results, what you need to do is to check the Mobile SEO settings of your website and to improve the Mobile SEO.

Mobile Content Determines Google Search Ranking

If you want your website to become more optimized online, you need to make your mobile content more Google friendly. Since all of your mobile content affects the ranking on Google’s search results page, you need to pay more attention to this issue than you think. In addition, since mobile internet browsers are fully implemented for mobile devices, you should make sure that the content on your website is arranged according to these mobile internet browsers.

Mobile Search Drives Sales

Mobile searches are more important to Google than you think. So much so that having content that is properly optimized for mobile, an active social media presence, and ads related to mobile searches can increase your sales exponentially. In addition, multi-channel marketing, optimizing the blog content on your website to be displayed on the search engine results pages will increase the popularity of your website and will increase your product sales.

Mobile SEO Effects Voice Search

Voice-controlled search engine assistants do not work as a standard search engine results page, they give short answers without the need for users to do any research or click on the link. While these short answers are given, we can also state that search engine optimization affects voice search, since the resources of many websites are used and these websites are the pages that are in the top positions in the search engine results pages under normal conditions. In addition, since voice search is only used on mobile devices, Mobile SEO should be used for real search engine optimization.

How to Check If Your Site Mobile-Friendly?

If you are wondering if your website is mobile-friendly, you can subject your website to one of the easy tests or try more challenging ways. You can use these tools to check the mobile compatibility of your website.

Mobile-Friendly Test Your Browser Your Mobile Phone
Chrome DevTools Google PageSpeed ​​Insights Google search console


What is Google’s Mobile-First Index?

In mobile-first indexing, where Google primarily uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking purposes, if a website uses two different versions, desktop and mobile, it means that only the mobile version of Google is used from these versions.

Mobile Content Optimization

Since mobile devices find small screens and these screens are constantly moving, you can have content that the user can easily read on mobile devices by using optimized content. Adjusting the content you prepare to fit on smaller screens and using text that can be read but is not disturbing is essential for mobile content optimization. In addition, if you have a mobile compatible website, you should not use videos that are not compatible with mobile devices in your content. After optimizing your content, you will have content with great speed and visuals for both mobile devices and computers.

If you do not know how to optimize your mobile content, you can use mobile content optimization techniques with peace of mind. We can list these techniques, all of which have been tried and approved, as follows:

  • Make sure that any content you develop or share is viewable on mobile devices and that users are satisfied with it.
  • All the videos you use in your content or on your website must be fully compatible with mobile devices.
  • If you can, prevent people using mobile devices from clicking multiple pages. Instead, try to produce scrollable content.
  • You should make sure that the visual content you use in your content is of high quality on mobile devices as well.
  • The buttons on your website that people enter from their mobile devices should be easily clickable.
  • Use short paragraphs instead of long paragraphs in your mobile-friendly content, otherwise, users will bore the paragraphs and cause them to leave your website.

Technical SEO for Mobile

According to data from a recent study, more than half of internet searches are made on mobile phones. We can say that one of the two people who will visit your website will use a mobile device. For this reason, for your website to be more popular, your website must be fully mobile-friendly.

If you want your website to be mobile-friendly, there are a few things you can do as technical SEO. These should be to increase the speed of your website according to the speed of mobile devices, to organize the content on your website and to set your website’s infrastructure to be mobile compatible.

Seorative’s Mobile Seo Services

We can say that mobile devices dominate the online space, as searches made on mobile devices account for more than 50% of all searches made on Google. If you want to keep up with these new developments, you should optimize your content for mobile and be successful in SEO. If you have no idea how to do these, contact us! We will draw a special roadmap for you and we will be with you throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile SEO

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions about mobile SEO and the answers to these questions for you. If you are still confused after reading this section and the entire article, do not hesitate to contact us.

What does mobile optimization do?

Mobile optimization, which includes some features developed for internet users accessing websites via mobile devices, offers a real user experience to visitors.

Is Mobile Optimization different from SEO?

While SEO for desktop devices does not target any geographic location or community, mobile optimization only targets users using mobile devices. Mobile optimization and SEO differ in these aspects.