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Opencart SEO: What it is, How to do, and Price Details!

There are thousands of different e-commerce sites and thousands of competitors selling the same product group in the internet world. So, what is your feature that will make you stand out from the others?

According to researches, 40 to 45 percent of traffic to e-commerce sites is directly sourced from search engines. Then, being able to stand out in relevant queries in the search engine may be much more important than you think. Opencart SEO is one of the important tools that will make you stand out by targeting these queries. If you are using the Opencart website, the Seorative team is ready to provide you with the necessary support!

In this content, we will talk about the features of Opencart SEO, the implementation processes of SEO in that system, and of course how Seorative can contribute to this process as an effective SEO agency.

Let’s get started right away!

What is Opencart?

Opencart, which is a code system created in PHP and is one of the systems in which many e-commerce sites use today, offers a very effective admin panel to manage, edit and update the sites. The management panel of the site includes a set of tools for adding products, making sales, and stock management, as well as arranging the site in accordance with SEO requirements.

Opencart infrastructures contain a set of functions specially designed to address the demands and user experience of Google bots. Therefore, making the necessary SEO settings on this infrastructure can be much easier than doing the same in other ones. Opencart helps you easily do everything from automatic SEO-compatible URL assignment to reviewing sales analytics, from product management to optimization of product pages.

What is Opencart SEO?

We all know that a set of strategies that will make your website stand out in certain queries in search engines is called SEO. Opencart SEO is their implementation on a website with an Opencart panel. In general, every step from content marketing to page speed optimization, from URL optimization to meta tag studies is carried out through Opencart and helps to increase the authority of the pages.

So, what advantages does Opencart SEO offer you in your optimization process? Let’s examine:

  1. Meta Keyword Generator
  2. Custom H1 Label for Products
  3. Fast SEO URLs
  4. Quick Meta Keywords
  5. Quick Meta Definitions
  6. Image Title Tag Find&Change Tool
  7. Meta Title Tag Find & Replace Tool
  8. Product Seo Tag Find&Change Tool
  9. Custom Image Alt Tags for Products
  10. Image Title Tag For Products
  11. Custom H2 Label for Products
  12. Meta Description Generator
  13. Sitemap Generator for Every Language
  14. Sequential Href Lang
  15. Home Multi-Language Header
  16. Home Multi-Language Auto Keywords
  17. Product Label Manufacturer
  18. SEO URL Generator For Products
  19. SEO URL Generator
  20. SEO Image Name Generator

The above are just some of the automatic functions that can be performed with Opencart tools. As you can see, functions that would require you to purchase many additional tools to access while using other website systems are offered to you as built-in via Opencart.

How to do Opencart SEO?

You don’t need to do anything, Seorative Opencart and e-commerce experts take care of it! With more than twenty years of experience in the industry, we know both Opencart and the requirements of the e-commerce world very well.

Our e-commerce experts, who have been using the Opencart system for years and have mastered the current SEO requirements, perform your optimization by using both in-built tools and employing many external methods. Throughout our Opencart SEO work, we do all of the following and, hey, more:

  1. High-quality content marketing
  2. Strong keyword research
  3. Analyzing your target audience’s search intent
  4. Optimizing image alt texts and other image settings
  5. Optimizing meta tags
  6. Strengthening the site structure and placing the content/product pages in a hierarchical organization
  7. Social media marketing
  8. Off-page SEO practices

Opencart SEO Service & Price: Get Your E-Commerce Site to the Top!

Are you ready to give your e-commerce site visibility, ease of navigation, increased UX, and an easy-to-understand UI by receiving Opencart SEO service?

Well, that’s where the secret of making sales lies!

In order to get ahead of thousands of competitors in the industry, you need professional use of built-in tools, SEO tactics powered by continuous statistical analysis, and a content marketing strategy that appeals to the minds of your target audience.

Seorative does that! Just leave your information in the free contact form below. Let’s start planning what we’re going to do together!