Success Stories

Online Florist SEO

We have grown the organic traffic of this newly launched brand, which did not yet have traffic, to over 1000 per month in just 9 months.

Building Catalog

We achieved consistent and regular growth in the organic traffic of the Building Catalogue, which is quite successful in its sector.

Art Materials Site

We grew the organic traffic of this industry-leading e-commerce site, which provides hobby and art materials, by 110% compared to the previous year.

Erkesim Law Firm

With Erkesim Hukuk, which had no organic visibility, 30,000 monthly visitors were acquired and more than 500 keywords were ranked on the first page of the search results with our 8-month SEO assistance!


With Nubebe, which had no organic traffic except for a small brand recognition, we have ranked the site to the top three spots in the search results for more than 80 target keywords, despite strong competitors!

International Health Site

We attracted 8000 monthly international traffic in the short term with our SEO assistance on this newly launched site, which serves in the field of medical diagnosis.

Online Learning Site

We grew the organic visibility of the online education site, which had nearly none, to more than 100,000 monthly organic visitors in a year.

Nezih Stationery Brand

With our extensive SEO assistance, we obtained more than 200% organic traffic growth at Nezih Kırtasiye compared to the previous year.

International Hospital Site

By dealing with the traffic loss of the hospital site due to the software transition, we managed to grow it to better levels than the old traffic figures.

Luxury Clothing Brand

Although it was a newly launched e-commerce site which provides the products of the luxury clothing brand, we have acquired 4200 monthly visitors.

Home Textile Brand

We increased the number of organic visitors to 5000 per month with our work, which we started with this leading home textile brand, which had no organic visibility except for brand keywords.