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Search engine optimization is used in search engines such as search engines and YouTube as well as in search engines such as Google. But SEO for YouTube helps to optimize your YouTube channels, YouTube videos and videos.

In this article, where we want to tell you about YouTube SEO, which is a strategy to achieve be good on YouTube, you talk about how YouTube SEO is about a target and you are asking a question about YouTube SEO.

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What is YouTube SEO Strategy?

It is a more popular site of your YouTube videos and channel, which is our SEO strategies on YouTube. Having a search engine is as important as using Google, YouTube uses many criteria when preparing favourites and best ones. If you knew that the person who says that YouTube will optimize the user, the awareness of your brand, the visits to your website are high.

How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work?

The main goal of the future of YouTube whose videos are to be selected for the viewers is for two purposes, to find special and useful videos for its viewers and for those who want to imagine these videos for users to watch.

Using YouTube in three different ways. It is sorted for a search to search, which selects videos for the YouTube homepage.

How is YouTube SEO done?

Do not plan to evaluate YouTube SEO, SEO design for your website and your goals and designs for this application. Additionally, you should use select video keys, optimize your channel and playlists, use private keys, put your words in the filename, embed your video, and use YouTube stories. Continue to look more clearly at people’s reasons.

Keyword Research

Google’s also highly valued keys are essential for optimizing your YouTube channel and videos. You can voice the videos of these keys you use, and you can use them in searches of users. Just get your video keys and channel more than the best widgets and more viewers from that widget.

Titles and Descriptions

While you are free to use it to ride a space you can use YouTube videos to use, you shouldn’t stop using it to give viewers a clue about your video in this world. You can make it ready for you to make a longer and longer decision. After a hundred character fights, viewers are required to click “show more”. At the same time, longer titles with one person in recent usages mean poor performance, almost as close in character to all YouTubers in the top twenty.

Before the things we have summarized, you need to describe both your titles and your descriptions in a shorter and shorter part about your keywords. This information is the information that is worth considering in the rules and principles made by YouTube and which must be followed.

Make Engaging Videos

Since the most important reason for preparing titles, tags and descriptions is to attract viewers to you, it is very important to prepare content that can attract viewers to your content. If your videos are edited and valuable, and the content of your videos is on point, your videos can soon become popular.

Eye-striking Thumbnails

Each listed video that people searching see as they scroll through the search results page has its thumbnail. This special thumbnail combines with the title of your video to inform other viewers about its content and can attract viewers to your videos. That’s why you should know that all the thumbnails you put on your YouTube videos affect the number of clicks and views, as well as the view time.

Use Keywords while Talking

Although it may seem like a useless tactic to use keywords while speaking, this method is an important method that only real YouTubers know and contributes incredibly to your development. Even if you do not add a special caption, all the keywords you say are added to the transcript of the video thanks to the automatically generated caption, and the content of your video is determined more clearly. Therefore, it is very important to use keywords while speaking.

Optimize your Channel Page

People who are interested in YouTube SEO or have heard of this strategy once in their life already know that they need to optimize your videos. Did you know that in addition to optimizing your YouTube videos, your YouTube channel should also be optimized? Having your YouTube channel page optimized is very important for dealing with competitive keywords. If you edit your YouTube channel page in addition to the keyword research you have done correctly, you will follow a real YouTube SEO strategy.

Optimize your Playlists

If you are sure that your YouTube channel page and YouTube videos are optimized, you should also optimize your channel’s playlists. If you have videos on different topics, you can categorize your videos according to their topics, give the title of this category to that playlist, and add your videos that are suitable for that playlist’s category to that playlist. The playlists you will make according to keywords will also help you rank higher.

Use Closed Captions

Since using subtitles is a good practice that shows how often you use which keywords, you can add subtitles to your videos so that your videos can be watched from other countries and you can attract the attention of the YouTube algorithm with the subtitles in the texts you use. So by using subtitles, you are killing two birds with one stone!

Use the keyword in your Filename

Using keywords in your filename is a technique that starts before you upload your YouTube video, and this technique can often come in handy in more ways than you might think. Since the YouTube algorithm is obsessed with keywords, when you add your keyword to your filename, YouTube will not ignore it. The YouTube algorithm can more easily decide what your video is about if you use a descriptive filename with the keyword instead of using a filename that is not read or understood by YouTube, filled with codes and numbers.

Make use of YouTube Stories and Posts

YouTube has recently added a few new features for its users. These innovations that can prove that the company is good at Search Engine Optimization are YouTube Stories and posts. Just like Instagram stories and posts, you can add stories and posts to YouTube, not only that, you can also share polls. Interestingly using YouTube stories and posts will also affect your user interactions, which is one of the most important ranking factors and necessary conditions for your YouTube SEO to be good.

Video SEO Embed

If you are promoting products and services in the videos you publish on your YouTube channel, and if you have a website where you sell or comment on these products, you can place these videos on your blog pages where you deem necessary. Including a YouTube video in your blog posts helps you gain visibility and helps your videos spread to a wider audience at the same time.


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Frequently Asked Questions About YouTube SEO Strategies

In this topic, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions for you and we have tried to give short but explanatory answers to these questions. If you still have questions after reading this section and the whole article, don’t hesitate to ask us!

Do YouTube links work for YouTube SEO?

Sharing your YouTube links on other websites is perceived positively by the YouTube algorithm, as it means that your YouTube video is more valuable. In other words, we can argue that sharing the link of your YouTube video is very useful for YouTube SEO.

Why Should You Use YouTube SEO?

Which of the videos on YouTube has better statistics, the video with high statistics will be higher than other videos in the search engine results pages. Since SEO means search engine optimization, you can make your videos rank higher by using YouTube SEO.