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Using e-commerce sites or creating an e-commerce site has become even more popular during the pandemic period. In this period when people did not leave their homes, they started to shop online in order to meet their needs. Naturally, the sites that sell on the internet also wanted to be in the first place in the search results pages of their potential customers. Although website owners, who are aware of what SEO is and what it does, apply to opportunities such as local SEO, others lag behind this trend. If you want your website to rank higher on search engine pages, you are at the right address!

As the best local SEO agency to reach, we strive to provide you with the most accurate and most useful Local SEO service. In addition to making a to-do list by providing you with consultancy, we carry out all the items on this list ourselves. When you choose us, all you have to do is sit back and watch your website rank high! That’s it.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is an important marketing strategy that allows you to become more visible on search engine pages. Local SEO, which should be added to the strategies of people who want to improve their brand awareness, will also help you quickly sell the products in your business.

According to recent statistics from Google, the sales rate for local searches is more than a quarter, meaning that one out of every four people undoubtedly buys the products that come their way. Therefore, ranking high in search engines and using Local SEO will help potential customers find you and increase the sales of your products.

Why Is Local SEO Important?

Local SEO is very important for reaching people who are in a specific geographic location and are searching for specific keywords in that location. By using local SEO, you can ensure that your website ranks high on local search pages.

Local searches from Google are only slightly less than half of all searches, according to a new study from Google. In other words, at least eight of the sixteen people search locally, and at least two of the searchers shop from the website that is at the top of the local search results page. For this reason, we can easily say that with a correct Local SEO study, one-eighth of internet users will shop from you.

Who Needs Local SEO?

Businesses that want to attract visitors from the region where they sell their products or services need Local SEO. Local SEO, a digital marketing strategy that helps regional service businesses, is critical for businesses serving only a specific region. Also ideal for small and midsize businesses struggling with giant corporations, this strategy is often used by businesses that:

restaurants doctor’s offices law offices hotels
Florists water dealers markets take-home businesses
plumbers construction workers locksmiths real estate agents

Where Do Local Search Results Show?

Local search results are usually displayed on Google Maps. It doesn’t matter if these search results are searched on mobile or desktop. We can say that Local search results are directly linked to Google Maps since local search results usually show the address information of the business located in that area.

What are the Key Local SEO Ranking Factors?

Local SEO ranking factors are proximity, prominence, and relevance to search. If you want to rank high in local searches, your content should be relevant to the search result, rank high on search engine results pages, and the distance between the searched location and the business should be small. Let’s take a closer look at these factors:

The Distance Between the Business and the Region Where the Search is Made

Since many people search for local locations when searching on Google, proximity to the locations people search for is a ranking factor that is highly valued by Google. If you think you can get this ranking factor without doing anything, you’re wrong, you need citations.

The quote in the places where your business information is (social media, website and Google) is your address information. For Google, having a local business citation is the most important ranking factor. Google places great emphasis on your business name, address, phone number, and website URL. These citations, which may be called NAPW, can be viewed in two ways:

Name of the business; street address, city, the state where the business is located; the postal code of the business; business phone number


Your business name

The street address where your business is located


The state

Your business zip code

Your business phone number


Any inconsistent NAPW citations will cause Google to turn searches for your location away from you. Consistently organized NAPW information guides users to you. If your NAPW citations are not regular, be sure to edit your citations by contacting the necessary departments.

High Rank on Results Pages

If you have shared your location information and contact information with Google correctly with the help of NAPW, you should try to ensure that your website rank high on the results pages. If you want Google to show you at the top, you should get measurable reviews, social signals and inbound links that match your business information.

While social signals and social interaction depend on users’ own efforts, business owners can strive to increase inbound links and gain reviews. Businesses that set up a link building strategy correctly and receive good reviews and ratings can start to rank higher on search engine results pages.

Relevance of the Business to the Search Query

Even if your business is visible to Google and has a website that can be trusted by users, the relevance of search queries to your website will affect your Local SEO. Since the main purpose of Google is to provide results that are suitable for the purposes of internet users, you should be careful to use keywords on your websites, blog posts, social media platforms and other places where you have a presence. If you are a chain business with more than one location, you should create pages on your website that include the working hours of each location, contact information, and products and services.

The Benefits of Local SEO Marketing

Local SEO Marketing helps you develop locally and increase your sales. Before we look at the importance and benefits of Local SEO Marketing, let’s take a look at the data released by Google in March 2019.

According to Google’s data in 2019, the rate of people searching “where to buy” for things they want to buy and mobile queries such as “nearby” and “nearest” has doubled compared to 2017. The fact that this rate is increasing day by day shows how important Local SEO is for businesses.

If you’ve learned that Local SEO is a marketing strategy that should never be taken lightly, let’s take a look at the benefits of this marketing strategy:

  • Because local SEO is a marketing strategy that works locally, businesses using this strategy will rank higher when a potential customer searches for the region where the business is located. In short, Local SEO is essential for business owners who want to sell locally.
  • Local SEO, which has a lower cost than other marketing strategies, has quite high and long-lasting effects compared to the price you pay. In order for these effects to continue, you only need to make simple settings and updates.
  • Search engine optimizations you do locally can help you drive traffic on your website, as well as gain customers and help you get positive returns. People looking for local businesses are usually already ready to purchase your products from a quick purchase request.
  • For small and medium-sized businesses, dealing with large chain companies can be quite challenging. If you want to have a fair fight with companies that have a bigger advantage in terms of visibility, you should use Local SEO. Local SEO can help you rank locally by eliminating chain companies.

Seorative’s Local SEO Services

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has manifested itself, interest in the e-commerce sector has increased, resulting in the need for new SEO techniques. Since it is very important to have search engine optimization for a business’s website, working with people who know this business will be the best move you can make.

  As Seorative, we offer accurate, planned, result-oriented and positive results, and we use local SEO techniques, each more valuable than the other. We can summarize the Local SEO techniques we use in a table as follows:

Accurate identification of target keywords

Analyzing competitor sites and companies

Determining the metrics of the industry

Organizing your content in accordance with local search engine optimization

Increasing the speed of your site

Making your website mobile-friendly

Frequently Asked Questions About Local SEO

We have compiled frequently asked questions about Local SEO and the answers to these questions for you. However, if you still have question marks after reading these questions, you can always contact us!

Where should small business owners start developing their business?

If you want to improve your business and make your business stand out from other businesses, you should work with a Local SEO firm.

Why should small businesses have Local SEO?

Small businesses definitely should have Local SEO, as Local SEO directs the customers in your location to you with the right strategy. Also, Local SEO allows you to tackle big chain businesses.

How is a successful Local SEO strategy?

A good local SEO strategy ensures that your website will rank high when certain keywords are searched, while also ensuring that local searchers will buy from your business.