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WooCommerce SEO: Rocket Your eCommerce Site!

The increase in the use of the Internet and electronic devices, the change in social relations of COVID-19, and much more, significantly increased the number of people who prefer to shop on eCommerce sites in 2021. This increasing demand means that companies that digitize their brands through eCommerce sites are also on the rise. WooCommerce, which has an easy-to-use, effective, and highly effective management panel, is among the software systems most used by companies. So, is your brand doing enough to be more visible with WooCommerce SEO efforts? Take a look at Seorative and WooCommerce SEO practices in order to reap the fruits of your care in the production and logistics processes of the products more quickly! 

What is WooCommerce? 

WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin that has been used since 2011, enables website owners who want to sell products or services to their target audience through their site, to easily perform everything from stock management to price determination, from product catalogue management to determining promotions and discounts. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to have an eCommerce site software built from scratch, many website owners who integrate WooCommerce into their WordPress site benefit from a cost-effective and professional solution, especially in the first processes of digitalization.

What is WooCommerce SEO?

Compare owning an e-commerce site to owning a store on a crowded street. WooCommerce creates the internal structure, decoration, and structural dynamics of your store. The stronger you support it with high SEO metric scores, the more visible your window will be and the passers-by will want to enter your store and take a look at your products.

WooCommerce SEO is the name given to a series of optimization efforts that will help you increase your website traffic by maximizing your sales.

Let’s see the fundamentals of WooCommerce SEO in a nutshell. An effective WooCommerce SEO includes all of the following:

  • Creation of product names
  • Presenting product pages with original content and a UX-oriented design
  • Make sure that other plugins used do not slow down the WooCommerce integration
  • Make sure that product images are added to the site in a way that is user-oriented and does not slow down the site.
  • Utilizing search engines and encryption protocols will give confidence to users in purchasing processes
  • And of course, much more.

How to optimize WooCommerce SEO?

By listing the most basic few factors above, we have provided you with an idea about the optimization of the eCommerce site where you use the WooCommerce plugin. But now, if you wish, let’s get into the business a little more and get to know the optimization steps closely.

Basic WordPress SEO: Make sure basic SEO work is done for a strong WordPress based website. This covers a range of technical work, from URL structure to sitemap, from positioning categories and subcategories to internal linking. You can choose the All in One SEO Plugin so that you can track the path you have taken in SEO studies.

Website Theme: Choose a good and effective theme. A website theme that is compatible with WordPress, shouldn’t cause your content to load slowly, and should provide a modern experience to shoppers is an important requirement of WooCommerce SEO.

Product SEO Titles: Edit the Product SEO titles to both refer to popular searches. Make sure each of them is completely unique. In order to guide users, you need to make sure that product names contain basic information such as product type, product color, or prominent features.

Product Descriptions: Content optimization is one of the most important practices of WooCommerce SEO. Each product should have a description that is SEO compatible, completely unique, and removes the question marks in the mind of the user. For this, you can get help from Seorative and benefit from an excellent content marketing strategy that targets the right queries.

Product Slugs: Be sure to check out your product slugs. Each product URL should have a structure containing the relevant keyword. This type of structure speeds up the search engine bots’ process of matching your pages with your target audience, increasing your chances of getting an index.

Breadcrumbs: Meet the king movement of conversion optimization with WooCommerce SEO: Breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs, which tell users exactly where they are on the sitemap of the page they are on and facilitate forward and backward navigation, will increase the time spent on the site and help you have strong SEO scores!

Is WooCommerce SEO friendly?

Used by millions of eCommerce sites, WooCommerce can be considered SEO-friendly in terms of features and infrastructure it offers. But you are the person who will bring your website forward with WooCommerce SEO services and increase its visibility.

Meet a team that is competitor-oriented, compatible with the innovations in modern digitalization processes, innovative, and knows UX really well: Seorative is ready to boost your sales!

Special SEO Plan for WooCommerce Sites – Ready to Rocket Up!

Does it all sound a little confusing? So prepare to be surprised, because the table above only covers some beginner-level optimization work. In order to perfect the results you get in the long run, you have to do regular tracking of your WooCommerce website and improve each metric that affects the total SEO score.

Are you worried? There is no need for this, the Seorative team that will shed light on you throughout this journey is ready to serve!

Years of experience and hundreds of different eCommerce sites that we have brought to the top have taught us one thing clearly: We know this business! Contact us via the contact form below for a WooCommerce special SEO plan that we will create exclusively for your site. We are excited to get back to you as soon as possible and talk about what we can do for your brand!