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What is Shopify SEO? How is it done?

E-commerce sites and new generation marketplaces have started to be among the most valuable actors of the consumption chain in the world. And Shopify is one of the most frequently used software systems to facilitate management, campaigns, discounts, and sales on e-commerce sites. The powerful Shopify SEO services we offer as Seorative will enable you to attract the audience you want to your e-commerce site, increase your traffic in a short time and maximize your income with conversion rates!

But how?

As Seorative experts, we have prepared a detailed service framework for you. Check it out now!

What is Shopify?

Employed by a wide range of merchants who want to bring their business to the digital environment, Shopify is a subscription-based software. This software offers you a very easy to use, simple UI management panel to manage your online store. Users can do all of the following through Shopify:

  1. Price updates during discount periods
  2. Adding / deleting a new product
  3. Adding SEO-friendly content of products and pages on the site
  4. View website statistics – Analysis and reporting options
  5. Receive payment options
  6. Take advantage of the Shipping partner offer
  7. And of course much more!

What is Shopify SEO?

We know what SEO means: All on-site and off-site optimization studies that will make a website stand out in related searches on search engine results pages! Super! Shopify SEO, on the other hand, means performing the same operations on a website with Shopify software, according to the requirements of the e-commerce world. Of course, this requires using Shopify very well and knowing the general SEO requirements and the industry well.

A strong Shopify SEO should include both the work done to optimize the technical features of the site and the content & visual & call to action improvements on product categories and product pages!

Basic SEO Checklist

We wanted to create a basic SEO checklist within the framework of Shopify SEO services. As Seorative, we perform strong process management within the framework of this checklist.

  1. Optimizing the structure of the website in general
  2. Strengthening the user experience on the site
  3. Customizing this research according to segments by conducting target keyword research
  4. Optimizing Shopify product pages for image, content, and speed
  5. Creating link-building strategies for the e-commerce site
  6. Gaining higher rankings in targeted words with strong content marketing processes
  7. Performing regular analysis and reporting by using various SEO tools, and making proactive strategy improvements within this framework

On-Page SEO Checklist for Your Shopify Website

So let’s start by taking a look at what can be done on the site:

  1. Building a strong internal linking structure
  2. Embed unique, powerful SEO updated content for each product page and product category page
  3. To make sure that the product images are user-oriented, high quality and low-loaded
  4. Maintaining speed even on category pages with many images with various technologies such as lazy loading images
  5. Purifying the site from unnecessary Shopify plugins and continuously performing page speed optimization
  6. Using structured data to facilitate site navigation and increase crawlability
  7. Detecting and eliminating the duplicate content problem
  8. Detecting and repairing pages with 3XX, 4XX, 5XX errors

Off-Page SEO Checklist for Your Shopify Website

Let’s see the off-page SEO checklist of a good SEO agency you may work with:

  1. To do social media marketing studies of the website and to get organic backlinks in this way
  2. Researching authoritative sites in the industry where guest blogging or sponsored backlinks can be obtained and making the necessary agreements
  3. Planning content that will strengthen brand reputation to be produced for backlinks
  4. E-mail marketing

Shopify SEO Plan for Your Site -By Seorative

Are you ready to work with Seorative for your e-commerce site using Shopify infrastructure? With our expert team, we are ready to get to know the sector you are selling, to identify your competitors in the real world and digital world, to create a style that will affect your target audience, and to add a persona to your brand!

Remember: An e-commerce site’s SEO efforts should aim for two basic things:

  1. You need to target search engines through technical optimizations such as crawlability and site structure. Search engine bots will take you to the place you requested.
  2. After promoting your site and attracting traffic, you need to convert this traffic into sales. For this, you need a strong call to action and conversion optimization. All of these require good UX performance.

While we work for your e-commerce site, we perform optimizations compatible with Shopify in line with these goals and aim to achieve the best results. We make you feel in control of the process, and we keep you informed of the developments with regular analysis and reporting.

Now it’s your turn to discover more!