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What are SEO Techniques?

Search engine optimization, that is, SEO, which is necessary for a website to rank high on search engine pages, is a subject that a website owner must know. Since many website owners are trying to learn about this subject, we talked about how SEO techniques are determined for you, what SEO techniques are, why you should choose our SEO techniques and the questions you frequently ask about SEO techniques.

With this article we have prepared so that you do not have any question marks in your mind, you will have more information about SEO techniques than ever before and you will understand why you should choose us. But before you form your own opinion, let’s talk briefly about why you should benefit from us.

As Seorative, we offer you monthly, periodic or weekly detailed reports in a completely transparent way. In our detailed reports, we talk about how effective or ineffective our work is, and how far we have achieved the planned target. Moreover, we never include expressions such as a one-year commitment or withdrawal fee in the contract we prepared before reaching an agreement with you.

How are SEO Techniques Determined?

SEO, which is the general name given to all the studies carried out in order to make websites perform better on the search engine result pages, has many different techniques. In the determination of SEO techniques, which technique works best in the result pages of search engines is taken into consideration and the most useful techniques are used as SEO techniques.

What are SEO Techniques?

If we talk briefly about SEO techniques, we can say that keyword research, content planning, quality content production, UX improvement, technical SEO controls, competitor analysis, page speed, semantic search optimization and a mobile-friendly site. Let’s take a closer look at these techniques:

Keyword Research

It makes more sense to use long-tail keywords or keywords with more than three words, as shorter keywords increase competition between websites tremendously. Using a phrase that is directly related to your website and using a phrase that is indirectly related will help you increase your website ranking.

Content Planning

If you want to make a plan for preparing content, you should know that you need to make this plan at two main focal points:

Editing the content on your website to make it better Creating new content from scratch and completely different

If you want to make an effective start, most websites have already optimized all their articles, although the move you should choose is to optimize the current content according to the trends and agenda. If you have optimized the content on your website, all your efforts are to create new content, but you should not forget that one of the biggest mistakes website owners make is creating content blindly.

Your content must be purposeful and you must be able to explain why each content you write or print is on your website. You can also start to create content around these keywords by identifying the keywords used by competing websites but not used by you.

Quality Content Production

Although it may seem easy at first to create quality content, it is more difficult than you think to create new, trendy and completely original content. You will also need to produce content regularly, as close to four and a half million blog posts are published every day.

If you want to create quality content, the first thing you need to do is to design your text in accordance with SEO practices. To do this, you should organize the page titles, sub-titles, images and keywords according to SEO.

UX Improvement

You can use UX design to create an SEO friendly page layout and use this design to ensure that your users are satisfied with your website. If you want to use one of the UX designs for your website, you should pay attention to these points:

  • Texts with a high copy rate, very short texts and very long texts are not valued by SEO. However, writings that are prepared like a technical guide, have a very formal language and are difficult to understand do not attract the attention of users. That’s why you should use headings, tables, bullet points, and number lists.
  • Do not forget to use title tags such as Header 1, Header 2 and Header 3 in the content that you publish for your website, these title tags will make the content easier to read.
  • You can try to put videos in every part of the content you have prepared, where you think you can put a video, the visuals you add to your content will both attract the attention of the users and will be useful for SEO.
  • You have to grab the attention of internet users by using calls to action. These catchy phrases can consist of simple buttons like “learn more” or “buy now”.
  • A common strategy to increase the usability of your website and support SEO will make your website more popular than ever before.

Technical SEO Controls

Technical SEO, which is related to all SEO activities except for content optimization and link building using links, aims to organize the infrastructure of your website following SEO. In order for the content on your website to rank higher, your website must technically be suitable for SEO. Seeing that your website is suitable for technical SEO, Google will think that users will want to take advantage of your website and move you to the top.

Competitor Analysis

With the competitive analysis, you will make with other competitor websites, you can get information that will help you get more traffic and rank higher. A competitor survey must include the following questions:

Who are my real competitors? What topics should I include on my website?
What keywords should I target to rank higher? What do I need to be ahead of other sites?


By increasing the speed of your website, you can make your website rank higher. Forty per cent of users who visit websites that take longer than three seconds to load leave the website immediately. In order not to have bad statistics, you should increase the speed of your website.

Semantic Search Optimization

Semantic search, which enables a search engine to understand the search result most accurately, also considers the relationship between words and the context of the query. As for how to use this in SEO, if there is a word among your website’s keywords that is in any way related to the searched query, it means you will stand out.

Mobile-Friendly Site

Since all mobile-friendly websites have been designed for users using mobile devices, and now most mobile devices are used in the world, it is of great importance for your website to be mobile-friendly in terms of attracting customers and users.

Increase Your Rankings with Seorative

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Frequently Asked Questions About SEO Techniques

After reading the whole article, we have prepared this section for you, thinking that you may have any questions in your mind. If you still have any questions after this part, you can write to us!

How many SEO techniques are divided?

Although there are many SEO techniques, these techniques can be examined in two different broad categories: White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

What are the types of SEO?

There are three different types of SEO: on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO.

What is the most effective SEO technique?

According to a survey of marketers, more than half of the experts argue that developing on-page content is the most important thing. Half of the marketers say keyword research, forty-six per cent link building, and forty-three per cent website structure are of paramount importance.