How to Create the Right Meta Description for SEO?

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Meta descriptions are often disregarded as part of SEO efforts. However, the meta description has a significant influence on prospective visitors since it is shown just under the search engine results for the sites. If your description is appropriate for your visitors, they will click over to your site. At Seorative we create the best meta descriptions you need!

What is a meta description?

A meta description is a brief textual description that displays alongside each search result and explains the content of the website. It is the most read element of a website, after the title and domain name, and the brief and succinct description that consumers use to enter your site in search engines. In a nutshell, it is the section of the search engine results page that provides the most detailed information on the relevant website. While meta descriptions do not directly affect results, they are a critical component of on-page SEO.

How to optimize Meta Description?

What is the best way to create a meta description? At first glance, the solution seems straightforward. There are several techniques, though, that you should be aware of. As long as these tactics are observed, you will have no trouble coming up with your own answers.

Optimal Format of Meta Description

The optimal format of meta description includes:

  • An appropriate length of character: It is advisable to write a short meta description. Throughout this description, clear and understandable unique content should be provided. However, it is incorrect to deviate from reality.
  • Material and keyword usage: To ensure that your content complies with SEO standards, it is critical that the article’s focus keyword appears in the meta description and title sections. It is vital to utilize significant keywords while also being able to summarize the material.
  • Compatibility with Google’s algorithm: Meta descriptions are critical for sites to get a high ranking on Google. It is critical to guarantee that the article’s meta description is clicked in order for it to be in the top rankings and in the section that affects the click-through rate.

How many characters are used in a meta description?

When crafting a meta description, the first thing to consider is the character restriction. Users will not pay attention to meta descriptions that include many characters. Furthermore, search engines do not like lengthy descriptions.

Optimal Length of Meta Description

The optimal meta description should have a maximum restriction of 160 characters. That is why you must properly describe the content of your website in 160 characters. Indeed, the meta description‘s objective is to offer a concise overview of the page’s content. Explain to the user what they will experience on the URL they will visit using the explanation you will create. Your objective should be to convert users into visitors while you’re at it.

How to write a great meta description?

The following are the 7 most critical guidelines for writing great optimal meta descriptions.

  • As previously stated, your meta descriptions should be around 160 characters in length to prevent being truncated at the conclusion. Keep your meta descriptions inside this range and avoid making them too short or too lengthy.
  • Each page or post on your website, including the homepage and category pages, should have its own unique meta description.
  • Meta descriptions should be enticing and informative. Include any pertinent information in your meta description to assist visitors in determining if a page is valuable and related to their search.
  • Avoid descriptions that are created automatically. Certain websites build the page’s description automatically based on the first 160 characters of the content. This is poor practice, since you may wind up with meta descriptions like this that are neither search engine nor user pleasant.
  • Consider the description of each page individually and avoid creating broad descriptions that do not adequately convey the page’s content.
  • Your descriptions should entice people to click and explore your website, but not to the point where they get overwhelmed. It’s usually a good idea to do a few searches to see what your rivals’ meta descriptions include before crafting your own.
  • Users are always on the lookout for up-to-current information, so provide the date your page was last updated if feasible. This will make your snippet more relevant and clickable.

What is a meta description example?

Understanding how to write a meta description involves analyzing different ones from different websites. You will see that the higher-ranking websites have a better meta description than the others.

Example meta description code

Let’s say that you have a secondhand sale website. You can use the following meta description:

If you have stuff that you no longer need, turn them into savings using the best website for secondhand sale: website name!

Stuck While creating a Meta Description? Seorative is Here for You!

Creating tactical meta descriptions may be challenging. Thankfully with our services you can have the best meta description in no time! Contact us for support.


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