What is SERP? What are the SERP Features?

What is SERP

The primary goal of our SEO activities as Seorative is to improve the position of our customers in the search engine results pages (SERPs). The primary goal of websites should be to rank top in search SERPs. Websites that are listed in the first few spots of search results are always more appealing to users and hence more likely to be favored. Therefore, we must carry out our SEO job with professionalism and seek to get high rankings in the search engine results pages SERPs!

What Is SERP?

When you do a Google search for anything, the page that appears as a result of the search is referred to as the SERP. The first ten results on Google’s SERP are the most lucrative ones. You may customize the amount of SERP results that appear in your search results by visiting your own Google Search Settings page. You have the option of displaying up to 100 results on a single page if you so want.

Links to websites with titles that are relevant to the keyword query, and a short summary of the content on each page appear in the SERP. There are three categories of listings on a search engine results page: results that are automatically produced by a search engine bot, results that have been added by a moderator, and sponsored listings, which are advertising for a specific product or service.

What Are SERP Features?

The results of your search will vary depending on what you are looking for on the search engine. The SERP typically displays results for various content kinds. These are possible candidates of those kinds:

Featured Snippets

When we think about SERP characteristics the first one that comes to mind usually is the featured snippet, which comes in three distinct varieties. Featured snippets might appear in the form of text, lists, or tables on search results pages.

Knowledge Cards

Knowledge cards are those that appear at the top of Google results pages and include general information culled from Google’s own store of information. Calculators are an example of them.

Knowledge Panel

In SERPs, the Knowledge Panel is a feature that we often see on the right-hand side screen and that provides us with information about a well-known person, well-known institution, or popular subject.

Image Pack

When we have picture-oriented inquiries or queries where the search aim is primarily to discover photos, we are likely to encounter the SERP component known as an image pack.

Top Stories (News)

Top stories are a Google SERP tool that you may discover while searching for news on the internet, and it typically includes up-to-date information.

People Also Ask (P.A.A.)

The People Also Ask feature includes queries that were also questioned by other users. They are chosen at random by Google. 

Shopping Results

Shopping results, also known as product listing ads on e-commerce sites, get a considerable share of traffic from transactional inquiries in addition to being one of the most important forms of advertising on the internet in general and e-commerce sites in particular.


Google’s SERP feature known as Twitter packs displays prominent tweets that are linked to the subject searched for on the SERP page. They also contain famous tweets from well-known accounts.


Sitelinks is a Google SERP feature that is commonly sought by companies that do not already have it, but with which we are unable to directly meddle since it is not under our control. A website’s brand recognition and well-constructed in-site links are two factors that contribute to this feature’s appearance. It is possible to come across this feature on a site with relatively low traffic despite the fact that there is no unique structured data type associated with it. With the sitelinks search box and the company schema annotations on the home page, you can send a signal to Google that you want this functionality, even if you can’t directly influence Google’s decision.


A feature that appears in searches when video results are prominent is the Videos feature like the Image pack. This feature is incorporated on the search engine results page as a carousel that displays the most popular videos related to the searched keywords.

Most Important SERP Features?

A new SERP feature is being tested on a regular basis by Google, and it is intended to enhance the searcher’s experience. The most important ones can be listed as the following which we have explained in detail above:

  • Featured Snippets
  • Knowledge Cards
  • Knowledge Panel
  • Image Pack
  • Top Stories (News)
  • People Also Ask (P.A.A.)
  • Shopping Results
  • Tweets
  • Sitelinks
  • Videos

How Do SERPs Affect SEO?

A large number of words must appear on the first few pages of a website in order for it to be noticed. Sites that do not appear on the first page of search results are less likely to get visitors. As a consequence, having a web page appear in the initial search results should be the main priority for every web developer. Getting to the top of search engine results needs extensive search engine optimization in the context of meticulous preparation. In contrast to making modest tweaks to certain portions of a website, search engine optimization is a complete examination of bringing the whole site up to the standards expected by search engines, not just specific elements of a website.

Importance of SERP

Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) influence how your website will appear on the first page of Google. For example, even if you have a high organic ranking for a term, Google might still penalize you by lowering your position. Because it has a variety of stuff that is prioritized. The method by which these priorities are chosen may change on a regular basis. However, the most crucial thing to remember is that the higher you rank on Google, the more visitors you will get. That is why most likely SERP will always have an important role in your traffic.

Want to Appear on the First Rows of SERPs? Seorative Is Here for You!

As you can see being on the first SERPs should be the main goal of every website. At Seorative, we achieve this by utilizing the SEO techniques we have. Reach out to us if you want to get traffic and learn how to improve SERP!


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