Building Catalog Case Study

About the Project

Building Catalogue is an e-catalog site that brings together important companies in the building and construction industry with customers who want to learn about these companies and the industry, or who require products and services. Despite the fact that the site has serious competitors from outside the sector, it is a remarkable site because of its unique operation and service style. The brand, which started to appear in the digital space in 2005, is a brand that many customers prefer due to the experience it offers and it prioritizing the customer.


The brand, which is experienced in its field, has earned the appreciation of its customers with the various services it offers on its site. So we started working on carrying these accomplishments to the top. In the project, we made implementations similar to the e-commerce SEO structure with the site and we had a very productive service period. You can examine all these works below.

Here’s What We Did

We have successfully implemented various optimization practices on the site, which has a special technical infrastructure. You can find the details of the work we have done during the service period under the headings below.

Technical SEO Works

Numerous technical SEO works were done within the scope of the project. Many technical development processes have been actively implemented to the site.


Below are the steps we took in this technical development process:

  • Identification of technical errors and shortcomings.
  • Informing the detected shortcomings/errors to the software team.
  • Supervision of the software team’s work on fixes and improvements.
  • Informing customers about the process and providing the most accurate information about the optimization services.
  • Checking the work that had been completed by the software team.
  • Re-reporting the faulty and missing sections during the technical development process.
  • Completion of the process after obtaining a flawless structure with technical developments.

Comprehensive Technical SEO Works

As a result of our analyses in the technical SEO section, we determined the errors and necessary improvements of the site and carried out dozens of different developments in the technical field. After fixing critical bugs and making improvements, we’ve done many technical improvements of lesser importance.


Although the technical infrastructure of the site was very insufficient at the beginning, through our intensive work, we completed the project that we had started with disadvantages with Google rewarding the website that we have worked on more compared to the competitors.

Custom Software

Today some brands use ready-made software packages or platforms as well as their own custom software or scripts made by software developers. Each software or platform has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of SEO processes.


The site was using one of these custom software for its e-commerce site. Since it is a custom software, we have successfully completed our content and technical developments without any negative impact on the SEO process.

Specific Works to Intended Categories

Among the product groups that the brand is selling, the category and brand pages that are most desired to be promoted were determined, and custom works were applied for these pages.


Due to the fact that there are more than a hundred categories and more than a thousand products on the website we have worked on, with such a prioritization, maximum benefit and revenue growth has been acquired.


However, as Seorative, we assert that site-wide practices are necessary and we work accordingly. We think that the potential of SEO does not totally manifest itself with works done by simply choosing 2, 3 or 5 target keywords.


In addition to applying site-wide practices, we also apply custom works to certain pages that we pick by considering the words or pages that the brand attaches special importance to.

Category Tree Optimization

We have made considerable improvements and optimizations in the category tree part, which is one of the most important items of the works concentrated on e-commerce SEO.


We have listed the processes we applied in the category tree optimization process on an e-commerce site in general terms below;

  • Analyzing the existing category tree,
  • Detailed analysis of category trees of specific brands in the same vertical or intersecting marketplaces,
  • Analyzing the products and product groups that the brand is selling,
  • Determination of new category pages that are worthy of creating for the brand we work with and that hold promise for an increase in organic visibility when created – We determine this according to the internal and external competitor analyses that we make specifically for the brand,
  • Presenting our new category suggestion list to the brand team we work with and getting their approval,
  • Detection of erroneously or incorrectly listed products in existing categories, except for when opening new categories,
  • Giving recommendations by contacting the brand so that the products are in the right categories,
  • Determining and closing down the categories that may damage the site or that have low value,
  • Making 301 redirects to the most appropriate pages of the categories that were closed initially or in the following months.

Off-Page SEO Works

While providing our services to the brand, we actively and intensively conducted backlink research.


We have listed the operations we have done during the off-site SEO work in the project in general terms below:

  • Analyzing the backlinks that the website already has and the link building tactics it has used,
  • Determining risky or potentially harmful backlinks,
  • Reporting harmful or risky backlinks to Google with its tool for disavowing backlinks (Disavow Tool),
  • Analysis of industry-specific off-site SEO strengths and backlink metrics of competitors who rank at the top or on the first page for the target keywords.
  • Following the industry-specific backlink analysis, a special analysis of the backlinks of some prominent competitors and the link building tactics they have used,
  • Determining the link building tactics that can be used for the website we are working on after the analyses,
  • Approval of the link building tactics which are planned to be implemented by the brand,
  • Implementation of approved link building tactics throughout the service process.

SEO Work Against Powerful Competitors

We have implemented SEO works against powerful competitors since there are hundreds of categories and thousands of products on the website which we have worked on.


Although no active SEO work had been done before, we have succeeded in obtaining good results in organic searches with well-planned and long-term practices and ensuring that it is sustained.

Works for Multilingual Site

Since the brand provides services in different languages, there are hundreds of pages on the site. This caused problems about indexing. Efforts have been made to eliminate indexing problems and to exclude unnecessary and poor quality pages. As the result of the works implemented, better quality and purpose-oriented results were obtained on the index.

Removing Index Bloating

The fact that the site we have worked on provides services in multiple languages and has hundreds of categories and thousands of product pages had caused index bloating on the site. Some of these pages causing the index bloating was damaging the SEO of the site on a small scale, while some of them had larger impact.


Along with adding a noindex tag for many pages and page types that we detected to be harming the site or reducing its visibility, edits on the robot.txt file have been done.


With these processes, we were able to show our content to Google more accurately and clearly by reducing the index amount of the site to the required numbers.


  • We achieved great success during the 2-year period between February 2019 and January 2021, when we worked on the site containing hundreds of categories and thousands of product pages, both in Turkish and English.
  • We achieved exponentially increasing success for two consecutive years. We achieved an increase of 36% in the first year and 49% in the second year.
  • We carried out a very comprehensive keyword research for the site. We routinely did this research to find the most valuable words.
  • Compared to the situation at the beginning of the project, we obtained a 100% growth in traffic.
  • Through 2 years of SEO work, we have acquired great returns in terms of traffic and revenue.
  • We brought the traffic that was around 20,000 to around 40,000.

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