Erkesim Law Firm Case Study


About the Project

Erkesim Hukuk is a law office that aims to provide solutions to its clients’ needs in the quickest, the most convenient and the most suitable manner, in line with the rule of law and its sovereignty, with methods appropriate to the general principles of law.


You can check out the details about our SEO service that we have provided, in which we managed to take over 500 keywords to the first page of the search results, to this brand which offers services in the area of law.

Here’s What We Did

In our project that we started in March 2021 for Erkesim Hukuk which we provided SEO works for, we have had important accomplishments! You can get to examine the solutions that we have provided througout the project in detail below.

SEO for a Law Site

Since it is a law site, we have increased its authority by making the website and its contents suitable to Google’s E.A.T. and YMYL standards. The website having a content-oriented corporate structure reflects the general characteristics of the project.

Extremely Intensive Work for 3 Months

For the Erkesim Hukuk website which was newly established in the field of law, which has lots of competition, intensive SEO works were implemented for the first 3 months. After the 3-month period, the support for the performance was provided with SEO consultancy.

Content Limitations

In accordance with the budget that the company allocated for the new contents, it was desired to acquire SEO success with less content work than we request as Seorative. The success of ranking on the first page for numerous keywords was achieved with just 18 pieces of content which were produced and optimized throughout the whole service.


We think that for the law sector, there must be more content-oriented works, compared to other sectors. When we take a look at many competitors in this sector, it is observed that they have over 100 pieces of content and custom works done for each piece of content.


Although, as Seorative, we do not recommend SEO work that will be inferior according to the dynamics of the industry, we managed to achieve good results in this project despite the difficulties.

Content Writing Process

As in all our projects where we provide SEO services, we carried out content-oriented practices for this project as well.


We have listed the procedures we apply during the content optimization process in a project in general terms below;

  • Establishing dominance in the sector by conducting comprehensive keyword research,
  • Determining new pages that can be created on the site or new topics/ideas that can be published,
  • Approval of the content ideas/page suggestions by the brand/company,
  • Bringing together comprehensive content details for the topics approved by the brand/company,
  • The writing of the content by the brand team or by a third-party professional writer,
  • Inspection of the written content and completion of the in-text SEO process.
  • Publishing the contents.

Preparation of Comprehensive Content Details

Since the project we have offered our services for is both a site that offers various services and a content-oriented site, extensive and descriptive briefs have been prepared to include the most relevant titles and the most suitable keywords in the content.


While preparing content briefs, we aimed to compose the highest quality content possible by analyzing the content which had been produced by competitors on the related topics.


We think that we achieve easier increases in rankings with contents that expert writers create by taking into account the comprehensive content details that we put together.

The In-Text SEO Works

We have done all in-text SEO and quality controls for all the contents on the site including their conformity to spelling rules, ensuring that they don’t have errors regarding expression, keyword density, the optimization of titles, subtitles and images and made improvements.

WordPress SEO Works

WordPress SEO works were applied to the Erkesim Law website, which had been designed with WordPress infastructure.


The most critical plugins within the WordPress platform that could directly or indirectly affect SEO were installed and their settings were configured. The input of legal content which had been added to the site routinely was done by us.


The contents of the entire website were supervised and optimized within the WordPress panel.


  • 30,000 visitors per month have been attained in less than a year with a newly launched website.
  • Even months after the service was provided, the traffic increase continued with the effects of the SEO work lasting.
  • We managed to rank first for more than 100 keywords, at the first three spots for more than 200 keywords and on the first page for more than 500 keywords.
  • We achieved rankings on the first page for many keywords with just 18 pieces of content.
  • Throughout our service period, more than 120.000 visitors visited the website belonging to the law firm.

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Other Case Studies

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May The Next Success Story Be with You

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