International Hospital Site Case Study

About the Project

They have been offering services to help couples who can’t have a baby, with their doctors, who are experts in their fields, since the day of their establishment. They offer personalized treatments by considering the special conditions and needs of the couples.


In this project, we aimed to resolve the errors that occurred due to unmethodical practices in the software transition and to bring the structure of the site to a healthier state. You can find the works that are carried out within the scope of the project below.

Here’s What We Did

You can examine the most important actions we took for the brand, which we provided SEO services for in 2018.

Optimization Process After the Impact of YMYL and E-A-T Updates on the Site

Before we started to provide SEO services, YMYL and E-A-T updates caused serious organic traffic drops for the site. Since, with these updates, Google required expert, authoritative and reliable sites for many sectors, including the health sector, we carried out many radical improvements in terms of both content and design within the site.


With the improvements, we also made it possible to create some pages that had the potential to increase the credibility and the authority of the site. We have created pages that include various types of information, especially the expertise areas of the doctors who are working for the brand as well as the institutions where they had received their education from.


The traffic loss was prevented and the previous level of traffic was exceeded by giving maximal attention to the signals that could affect rankings due to Google’s YMYL and E-A-T updates.

Software Transition Process

Many problems had occurred due to an unstructured software transition without getting SEO services. Along with the problems that had occurred during the software transition, the site had remained down for a while and organic traffic drops reached critically low levels.


The areas that we have checked and made some changes on throughout the software transition process are as follows.

  • Alterations and shortcomings in the URL structure have been checked and resolved.
  • Titles and descriptions were checked and site-wide changes were made.
  • Necessary actions for links that had been giving 404 error code were taken.
  • A 301 redirect mapping list from the old closed pages to the new target pages has been constructed.
  • A new sitemap that is suitable for the new link structure was constructed and sent to Google.
  • Current disallow lines in the “robots.txt” file have been edited and new lines have been added.
  • Canonical and noindex tags were used for potentially duplicate content.

SEO Works for Multilingual Site

Since the brand we have worked with had a website that operated in different countries and in different languages, there are multiple languages in the site. In this case, as an error in one language can affect translations in all other languages, it is an important point to consider. Some of the errors that we have come across were errors regarding the site’s Google index. Various actions were taken to resolve issues about indexing as well as to exclude unnecessary and low-quality pages.


In general terms, we have done many works on the site, such as the selection of country/language-focused domain name extensions, ensuring the correct function of hreflang tags and keyword research for different languages, which we usually do for sites that operate in multiple languages.


As a consequence of these works, the organic visibility of the brand, which has a multilingual site, was increased by making the necessary optimizations.

Service and Blog SEO Works

Since the brand we have worked with is in the service sector, we have carried out active SEO works on the pages where the services offered by the brand are explained, along with the blog section. For the blog section, we ensured an increase in the organic traffic by creating content based on keywords and content optimization.


What we want to underline with this is that we have increased organic visibility by conducting SEO works on the pages where the services are explained as well as expanding our work and obtaining more visibility and traffic by conducting active SEO work on the blog section.

Content Writing Process

As in all our projects where we provide SEO services, we carried out content-oriented practices for this project as well. We had others to prepare comprehensive and high-quality content that visitors would like a lot, especially on diseases and treatments.


We have listed the procedures we apply during the content optimization process in a project in general terms below;

  • Establishing dominance in the sector by conducting comprehensive keyword research,
  • Determining new pages that can be created on the site or new topics/ideas that can be published,
  • Approval of the content ideas/page suggestions by the brand/company,
  • Bringing together comprehensive content details for the topics approved by the brand/company,
  • The writing of the content by the brand team or by a third-party professional writer,
  • Inspection of the written content and completion of the in-text SEO process.
  • Publishing the contents.

Preparation of Comprehensive Content Details

Since the project we have offered our services for is both a site that offers various services and a content-oriented site, extensive and descriptive briefs have been prepared to include the most relevant titles and the most suitable keywords in the content.


While preparing content briefs, we aimed to compose the highest quality content possible by analyzing the content which had been produced by competitors on the related topics.


We think that we achieve easier increases in rankings with contents that expert writers create by taking into account the comprehensive content details that we put together.

The In-Text SEO Works

We have done all in-text SEO and quality controls for all the contents on the site including their conformity to spelling rules, ensuring that they don’t have errors regarding expression, keyword density, the optimization of titles, subtitles and images and made improvements.

Technical Development Process

We have resolved the technical issues by evaluating the issues with the solution partner that the brand gets services from in the software area.


We have listed the steps we have taken in our technical optimization process in general terms below;

  • Identification of areas and situations where the site is faulty or can be improved in terms of technical SEO,
  • Notification of detected shortcomings or potential improvements to the software team,
  • Notifying the software team or the software developer about the necessary follow-ups for them to perform the technical development processes on time,
  • Defining the order in which the developments we suggest will be done, in a way which ensures that they provide maximum amount of impact in the fastest manner.
  • Inspecting the technical developments applied to the site,
  • Following the integration of the suggested technical developments, the identification of new technical developments and then the repetition of the process,
  • Continuing the work until the site is flawless and most optimized in terms of technical SEO.

WordPress SEO Works

WordPress SEO works were applied to the brand’s website, which had been designed with WordPress infastructure.


The most critical plugins within the WordPress platform that could directly or indirectly affect SEO were installed and their settings were configured. The input of legal content which had been added to the site routinely was done by us.


The contents of the entire website were supervised and optimized within the WordPress panel.


  • During this process in which the site had been down for days and we had started providing our services after a bad SEO transition, we displayed an intensive effort with the brand’s team.
  • The drop of daily and monthly traffic due to the software transition has been regained, as a consequence of our works.
  • In accordance with YMYL and E-A-T updates, necessary in-site and technical works were implemented, preventing traffic loss and growing organic traffic to better levels.
  • The erroneously made software transition process of a service-oriented site which has multiple languages and thousands of pages operating within WordPress was fixed.
  • Despite the bad circumstances in the beginning, we managed to exceed the previous traffic in just 3 months by implementing our routine SEO work, along with the solid and correct implementation of all the processes in an SEO transition process.

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