Nubebe Case Study

About the Project

Nubebe is a local shoe brand which sells children’s and baby shoe products that is produces through its e-commerce site. The shoes that they have produced took their spots at the top places among children’s shoes recommended by orthopedic physicians and pediatricians.


For Nubebe, which hadn’t had organic traffic aside from a small brand recognition, we have managed to get considerable increases in organic traffic with our SEO service. You can examine some of the works we have done throughout the service period, along with their details below.

Here’s What We Did?

As of July 2020, we started the SEO works for Nubebe brand and accomplished a lot in a short period of time. All the details regarding the project and the process are as follows.

E-Commerce SEO Works

Many SEO works that need to be done on an e-commerce site have been applied to Nubebe.


As examples of the works in terms of e-commerce SEO;

  • Organizing and optimizing the category tree,
  • Optimization of category and product pages,
  • Formation and optimization of category descriptions,
  • Site-wide technical improvements,
  • Custom works for specific product groups that the brand wants to be at the foreground,
  • Technical SEO improvements specific to e-commerce sites,
  • Off-site SEO works.

Through these actions, along with the growth in the SEO value of the e-commerce site belonging to the brand, growth in the number of organic visitors, boost in rankings and many other accomplishments have been gotten.

Difficulty of the SEO Works with a Local Company

Despite the fact that Nubebe is more of a boutique brand compared to its national competitors, it has managed to surpass its many competitors in organic rankings as a result of our SEO works.

Comprehensive Technical SEO Works

As a result of our analyses in the technical SEO section, we determined the errors and necessary improvements of the site and carried out dozens of different developments in the technical field. After fixing critical bugs and making improvements, we’ve done many technical improvements of lesser importance.


Although the technical infrastructure of the site was very insufficient at the beginning, through our intensive work, we completed the project that we had started with disadvantages with Google rewarding the website that we have worked on more compared to the competitors.

Technical Development Process

We have resolved the technical issues by evaluating the issues with the solution partner that the brand gets services from in the software area.


We have listed the steps we have taken in our technical optimization process in general terms below;

  • Identification of areas and situations where the site is faulty or can be improved in terms of technical SEO,
  • Notification of detected shortcomings or potential improvements to the software team,
  • Notifying the software team or the software developer about the necessary follow-ups for them to perform the technical development processes on time,
  • Defining the order in which the developments we suggest will be done, in a way which ensures that they provide maximum amount of impact in the fastest manner.
  • Inspecting the technical developments applied to the site,
  • Following the integration of the suggested technical developments, the identification of new technical developments and then the repetition of the process,
  • Continuing the work until the site is flawless and most optimized in terms of technical SEO.

Custom Software

Today some brands use ready-made software packages or platforms as well as their own custom software or scripts made by software developers. Each software or platform has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of SEO processes.


Nubebe was using one of these ready-made software for its e-commerce site. Since it is a special software, we have successfully completed our content and technical developments without any negative impact on our SEO process.


  • With Nubebe, which is a local and boutique brand, the product pages of national companies that are much larger than Nubebe were outranked.
  • While it had no organic traffic for commercial keywords at the beginning of our service period, at the end of our service period over 5000 regular monthly traffic was provided.
  • We managed to rank over 80 mid-level keywords with high competition to the first 3 places and over 150 keywords to the first page of the search results.
  • Despite that the SEO works had been competed, organic increase lasted for months.
  • We have provided faster technical stability in terms of SEO by making hard efforts for the sorting out of critical errors.
  • For a brand which hadn’t had any visibility for commercial keywords, over 45.000 visitors were brought throughout the service period.

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