Online Learning Case Study

About the Project

Boğaziçi Institute provides online and formal education in many different fields aiming towards professional and personal development. Continuing to provide its services with academicians and educators who are distinguished in their fields, Boğaziçi Institute is one of the most qualified institutions that have earned their stripes which offer certificates in many fields.


You can check out the works we have done for Boğaziçi Institute, with which we have accomplished to rank on the first page of search for over 10.000 keywords.

Here’s What We Did?

We have started working on this project in 2019. In the sections below you can see the most important actions that we have taken while providing our services to the brand.

E-Commerce and Blog SEO Works

Many SEO works that need to be done on an e-commerce site have been applied to Boğaziçi Institute, which we have provided our services for. As examples of the works in terms of e-commerce SEO; In addition to the optimization of category and product pages, organization of the category tree and technical SEO improvements, many special optimizations were made.


On the blog side, we conducted a content production process which was connected to topics that are meaningful for the brand and that can lead users to buy. Through the active content production process and the optimization of the content, we have grown organic traffic and revenue from blog posts as well as training pages.

SEO Improvements for Online Course Site

With the pandemic, the increase in interest in online education has led to a considerable increase in competition within the industry. With the SEO service we have provided for Boğaziçi Institute, we have succeeded in ranking above challenging competitors in organic rankings for many target words, despite the increasing competition in the sector.


The website of Boğaziçi Institute, which offers a wide range of online and formal education options, has been enhanced through category and education-based SEO.


More than 45 hours of extensive SEO training in the informatics category, prepared by Seorative founder Kerem Süha Mete, has also been one of the optimized courses. Although it is a new training set and a new page, it ranks first in organic rankings for the keyword “SEO eğitimi”.

Low Amount of Link Building Works

The off-site SEO section of SEO works and the link building tactics within this area are an important part of the whole SEO process.


Although we did not carry out an active link building process in our SEO work for Boğaziçi Institute, we were able to get good results in rankings and traffic growth.


As Seorative, although we do not make it a definite requirement to build links, we generally see a basic level of backlink work as suitable.

Technical Development Process

In order to complete the site’s SEO optimizations, we have worked with a software specialist working in Boğaziçi Institute and carried out numerous small and large technical improvements.


We have listed the steps we have taken in our technical optimization process in general terms below;

  • Identification of areas and situations where the site is faulty or can be improved in terms of technical SEO,
  • Notification of detected shortcomings or potential improvements to the software team,
  • Notifying the software team or the software developer about the necessary follow-ups for them to perform the technical development processes on time,
  • Defining the order in which the developments we suggest will be done, in a way which ensures that they provide maximum amount of impact in the fastest manner.
  • Inspecting the technical developments applied to the site,
  • Following the integration of the suggested technical developments, the identification of new technical developments and then the repetition of the process,
  • Continuing the work until the site is flawless and most optimized in terms of technical SEO.

Category Tree Improvements

We have made considerable improvements and optimizations in the category tree part, which is one of the most important items of the works concentrated on e-commerce SEO.


We have listed the processes we applied in the category tree optimization process on an e-commerce site in general terms below;

  • Analyzing the existing category tree,
  • Detailed analysis of category trees of specific brands in the same vertical or intersecting marketplaces,
  • Analyzing the products and product groups that the brand is selling,
  • Determination of new category pages that are worthy of creating for the brand we work with and that hold promise for an increase in organic visibility when created – We determine this according to the internal and external competitor analyses that we make specifically for the brand,
  • Presenting our new category suggestion list to the brand team we work with and getting their approval,
  • Detection of erroneously or incorrectly listed products in existing categories, except for when opening new categories,
  • Giving recommendations by contacting the brand so that the products are in the right categories,
  • Determining and closing down the categories that may damage the site or that have low value,
  • Making 301 redirects to the most appropriate pages of the categories that were closed initially or in the following months.

Preparation of Comprehensive Content Details

Since the project we have offered our services for is both a site that offers various services and a content-oriented site, extensive and descriptive briefs have been prepared to include the most relevant titles and the most suitable keywords in the content.


While preparing content briefs, we aimed to compose the highest quality content possible by analyzing the content which had been produced by competitors on the related topics.


We think that we achieve easier increases in rankings with contents that expert writers create by taking into account the comprehensive content details that we put together.

Content Writing Process

As in all our projects where we provide SEO services, we carried out content-oriented practices for this project as well. 


We have listed the procedures we apply during the content optimization process in a project in general terms below;

  • Establishing dominance in the sector by conducting comprehensive keyword research,
  • Determining new pages that can be created on the site or new topics/ideas that can be published,
  • Approval of the content ideas/page suggestions by the brand/company,
  • Bringing together comprehensive content details for the topics approved by the brand/company,
  • The writing of the content by the brand team or by a third-party professional writer,
  • Inspection of the written content and completion of the in-text SEO process.
  • Publishing the contents

The In-Text SEO Works

We have done all in-text SEO and quality controls for all the contents on the site including their conformity to spelling rules, ensuring that they don’t have errors regarding expression, keyword density, the optimization of titles, subtitles and images and made improvements.

WordPress + WooCommerce SEO Works

Boğaziçi Institute had been using WordPress and WooCommerce formats for its content management system and e-commerce infrastructure during our work. Throughout our SEO service, the content, categories, and training pages on the site have been optimized with the WordPress platform and WooCommerce plugin.


Within the WordPress platform, the most critical plugins that would directly or indirectly impact SEO have been installed and their settings have been customized. In addition, we identified the technical developments that could be implemented within the infrastructure and ensured that they were successfully applied to the site with the help of a software specialist.

Transition Process to Custom Software

While the Boğaziçi Institute website had WordPress and WooCommerce infrastructure, it has switched to custom software during our service period for a better website experience and performance. We successfully carried out the transition to custom software without losing organic traffic during the software transition process.


  • With Boğaziçi Institute, which had entry-level visibility in commercial words, we managed to boost the monthly organic traffic figures to over 100,000.
  • We took nearly 4000 keywords to the top 3 and more than 10000 words to the first page in the rankings.
  • Along with online education and course keywords, with active content production and optimization on the blog section, both commercial and blog traffic were obtained.
  • For numerous keywords with high volume and competition, we managed to rank first or at the first three in search results.
  • We were able to acquire the desired results through technical optimizations, high-quality content and site architecture.

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