What is Google Index? How to Fix Google Indexing Issues?

what is google index

As you may know, Google is one of the richest and largest search engines that has a powerful database. While there are millions of websites, Google has billions of websites on its database and it does not index all of the websites which are not appropriate and have high-quality according to its policy. If you would like to have your website is on the Google index, your site must be suitable for Google. For these reasons, you should be coding your site appropriately and suitable for the policy of Google. In the article that we prepared for you, we explained what Google index is and how it works. We also mentioned the issues on Google about fixing methods at the same time. 

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What is Google Index?

Google Index is scanning your website by Google robots and they check every website in detail on Google as well. During the scanning time, Google robots check that if the websites are appropriate according to the criteria and policy of Google at the same time. If your website is not appropriate for the policy, it is not possible to see your website on the search engine. Google index is significantly essential for the success of the websites. When you index your site on Google, it will be visible on the searches. 

How Does Google Index Work?

As we mentioned above, Google looks at all of the details of the websites and when your website becomes visible on the searches, it shows that Google is indexing your website. Consequently, Google index means to make your website visible on the searches. When you make your website appropriate for Google, you will be following its policy and it shows that your website has enough quality for Google at the same time. 

How Do I get Google to Index my Site?

If Google does not check your website, your site, contents, or any visuals that you shared on your website might not be visible on the searches. Indexing your website to become visible, you need to pay attention to 3 basic steps which include;

  • Discovery
  • Crawl
  • Index

First of all, you need to create an XML sitemap for your site to make your content visible for the robots to check the keywords and other necessary information about your website. When the checking is successful, Google will index your page and your website will be able to be on the searches as well. While you can index your website manually, you should pay attention to using sitemaps and SEO at the same time. Content that you are creating must be unique and updated. In addition to that, when you are active on social media and get comments through your website, you will be able to make your website more suitable for Google and get a higher place on the searches. Lastly, the speed of your site is also important for Google. 

How Can I Find Out if My Website Has an Indexing Problem?

To find out the reasons why your website was not indexed by Google, you need to inform yourself about the policy of Google for the websites and check your website according to the policy. If you are not able to see your website on the searches, it shows that your website might have indexing problems. We shared the Google indexing issues that you might have with you on the following part below. 

What are Google Indexing Issues? 

In some cases, Google does not index your website or does it too late at the same time. There are some main Google indexing issues that you might have to face with and the issues can have reasons as well. Before you try to fix the indexing issues, you can look at what the Google indexing issues are that we shared with you below. 

  • Your website might be on spam or penalized by Google.
  • The speed of your website is not enough for Google. 
  • The keywords that you used on your content must be poor and not related. 
  • When you do not create unique or original content. 
  • When your website has a virus.  
  • When you do not make your site available on mobile. 
  • The backlink of your website is not diverse. 
  • The authority score that your website has might be not appropriate for Google. 
  • When you did not add your website on Webmaster Tools. 

When you have one of these problems on your website, your website will not be shown on the searches of Google and before you try to fix the issues, you need to pay attention to every listed information that we shared with you above. 

How to Fix Google Indexing Issues? 

To fix Google indexing issues, you should find out the main problem on your website. You may start to check the reasons that we shared with you above first. After that, you can log in to your search console account and check the URLs which are not indexed by Google. In addition to that, you will find the reasons why your site was not indexed at the same time. 

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